Why Robots?

Mobility problems for seniors are often caused by a decreased ability to keep balance and fix orientation, and scientific research supports that physical inactivity decreases overall health, lowers the level of self-sufficiently and leads to fall accidents.

It is however often difficult to motivate seniors to train hard and long enough using traditional training exercises, as seniors find such exercises dull and non-motivating.

ROGAMO changes this and makes exercises fun, and is why ROGAMO works.

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The social characteristics and personality of robots make them more captivating than traditional training exercises and competing electronic games.

Seniors are therefore more entertained and more motivated than with competing solutions.

Benefits of Robot-Based Games:

  • A robot acts as a social character and can be both inviting and engaging
  • A robot’s human-like nature engages seniors in doing tasks that would otherwise be avoided
  • A robot can motivate seniors to more frequent, harder and longer periods of mobility training