Søren Tranberg Hansen

Søren Tranberg Hansen

Søren Tranberg Hansen is the founder of BrainBotics, the guy behind the ROGAMO idea, and the initiator and creator of the BrainBotics team that will commercialise the company’s solutions.

The mix between having an entrepreneurial spirit, inspirational drive and his expert knowledge within the combined fields of robotics and healthcare application of robotics solution, makes him the main resource for pushing forward on obstacles the ROGAMO project inevitably will encounter.

His Industrial PhD in robotics and Artificial Intelligence was in collaboration with Centre for Robot Technology at the Danish Technological Institute (a Danish National Technology Institute) and Department of Control and Automation at Aalborg University, Denmark (view PhD and related scientific papers). It included six months as a guest researcher at the Centre for Cognitive Computing at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA. Besides his industrial PhD, Søren Tranberg holds a Master’s in Computer Science (Cand.IT) from the IT University of Denmark. His thesis won several awards and an “Outstanding execution of an IT related thesis” by The Danish Society of Engineers.

During his early career, Søren Tranberg developed skills in various programming software, primarily Java and .NET. Later on, he worked as a consultant at the Danish Technological Institute with responsibilities including research, product development and fundraising for the areas of robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Søren Tranberg has been involved in several software related start-ups as a co-founder, but also worked for large internationally oriented enterprises and public entities, including Invest in Denmark, the national Danish investment promotion agency, where he started developing an understanding for the commercial aspects of how to convey technical ideas into successful business ventures.

During his professional career, he developed specific competences within the robotics field, including Human-Robot Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and took particular interest in elderly-specific welfare challenges. He has acted as a key person on the following robot-related projects directly relate to the abovementioned fields:

  • Co-founder of CareNet, a network that enables the development, application and dissemination of robotics and welfare technology for care on the agenda. Cooperation and synergies between operators of various technologies is encouraged while focusing on the technological opportunities for the future welfare sector.
  • Leading partner in Intellicare, a consortium aiming to create a common technology platform that makes it possible to integrate intelligent aids in the care sector, and focus on that technological solutions should support the elderly to be as self-reliant and confident in everyday life as possible, while relieving caregivers.