Søren Pallisgaard

Soren PallisgaardSøren Pallisgaard began his career in accounting & finance, where after he shifted attention to business development and strategic planning for ensuring commercial success.

Søren is an irreplaceable source of business insight for ensuring that the ROGAMO project attains commercial success, and is not least valuable for carrying out analysis and writing reports on the business environment for BrainBotics as the main contributor for reports on commercial drones, industrial robots and the Internet of Things.

He spent two years as a controller-trainee at Siemens A/S in Denmark, where he worked as a controller for yet another four years. During this time, he finished the first part of the Bachelor Diploma in Business Administration, and completed the BSc. in International Business & Politics, both at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. This provided the tools for making sound business decisions and to pursue a career within the commercial sphere.

During his time at Siemens, Søren gained knowledge on every aspect of financial controlling of a company as a whole, as well as for managing individual projects. This includes budgeting, understanding of key financial indicators, cash-flow analysis, as well as legal and compliance concerns related to operating a business. He therefore appreciates the value of making sound business decisions based on financial and legal input.

After his time at Siemens, he shifted attention towards business development and strategic planning. He joined Invest in Denmark under the Trade Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, where he worked for two years with investment promotion and providing management input for strategic planning. At Invest in Denmark Søren Pallisgaard and Søren Tranberg worked together in the ICT team, sharing responsibilities on projects.

During his time at Invest in Denmark, Søren Pallisgaard finished his MSc. in International Business & Politics at Copenhagen Business School. This equipping him with further theoretical tools for understanding the international business scene and for navigating political and legislative challenges. These skills were a key input when he at Invest in Denmark spent five months mapping Danish robotics competences and exploring how to sell Denmark as a country where foreign companies wish to establish their robotics business. Søren Pallisgaard gave special attention to the emerging market of commercial drones, and was greatly involved in the legislative obstacles this new sector and its newly formed and entrepreneurial companies are currently fighting.