Jakob Fredslund

Jakob FredslundJakob Fredslund has substantial knowledge on robotics and on how to tackle related interdisciplinary challenges. He will therefore be invaluable for this project as a consultant.

Often, Jakob Fredslund has been a part of interdisciplinary projects with people from other disciplines, both natural science and art. His role has been to understand a problem from another field and to provide a technical solution to solve the problem. His understanding of dealing with interdisciplinary challenges related to the use of robotics and AI plays a vital role in supporting the ROGAMO project and creating a solution that the end-users will applaud.

Jakob Fredslund studied computer science and mathematics at Aarhus University in Denmark. Subsequently, he obtained a PhD in computer science doing research in the field of control of autonomous robots. During his studies, Jakob Fredslund worked with dynamic control of a group of mobile robots moving in formation (view article), and with humanoid LEGO robots, studying how little it takes before people attribute emotions to robots. During his studies, Jakob Fredslund visited Professor John Hallam’s robotics group, who is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. He also spent nine months at the Robotics Interaction Lab at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, working with lab director Professor Maja J. Matarić, a specialist in Human Robot Interaction.

Jakob Fredslund has extensive experience with complex computer science problems and he has written software in primarily Java and Python. Additionally, he has worked with e.g. HTML, CGI, C/NesC – and he has built and programmed several complex LEGO robots. He also created LEGO robots for artistic projects, e.g. for the exhibition ENTER ACTION at ARoS (Aarhus Art Museum), the installation Innerspace and the American film Raspberry Magic.

Since November 2007 Jakob Fredslund has been working at the Alexandra Institute in Denmark, where he has been a consultant at the institute’s Pervasive Positioning Lab. In 2011 Søren Tranberg began working alongside Jakob Fredslund at the Alexandra Institute, although Søren worked for Invest in Denmark. Søren Tranberg and Jakob Fredslund since co-wrote the popular science book on the development and future of robots in our society “Robotterne Iblandt Os”, published in 2015 by Turbineforlaget.