Jakob Engelbrecht

Jakob Engelbrecht
Jakob Engelbrecht is BrainBotics’ chief technology officer and software architect. He has a passion for developing elegant solutions and creating full stack system implementations.

Jakob’s technical skills coupled with building and managing strong programming teams makes him an invaluable resource for the commercial success of ROGAMO, especially when his creative mind gets going on solving practical and technical challenges to real-world problems.

Jakob Engelbrecht holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science at Aarhus University in Denmark from 2004 and has more than 15 years of professional experience as a system developer, working occasionally on a freelance basis. His knowledge ranges from systems architecture and domain driven design, usability including UX, UI and web usability, and he also has a lot of experience in building and managing development teams and to ensure productive programming within such teams.

Jakob is a true entrepreneur – before joining BrainBotics, he spent 14 years establishing a successful IT-company (Xafir A/S) that develops HR-systems. He founded the company together with Søren Tranberg, who left 2 years later to pursue his studies. Jakob Engelbrecht was the lead developer of the technical platform, and in charge of recruiting, building and managing the development team. He was also in charge of the operations- and the projects departments, and he developed and implemented the underlying core architecture of the software as well as designed and implemented the main web applications.

Being both a technical specialist, consultant and team lead, he has experience in implementing customized solutions used by more than 20.000 employees in total, and his technical skills include .NET, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 JavaScript, Java and more. Besides being a technical mastermind, Jakob has experience in creating company visions, managing programming teams, strategy- and business planning along with selling, implementing and teaching IT based solutions.