About Rogamo

ROGAMO creates a better life for seniors. It is:

A new robot-based training solution

A gamification of training exercises deployed on autonomous mobile robot platforms

A tailored solution for seniors based on therapeutically recognised training exercises

A natural and enjoyable way for seniors to stay active, healthy and maintain mobility

We tap into an emerging market of demographic challenges and exploit the advanced in robotics technology:
  • Robotics solutions are continuously becoming cheaper, and the last 5 years have in particular seen a dramatic drop in the price-level of robots
  • The level of sophistication and robustness of robot platforms has drastically improved in recent years
  • The general public has gained more acceptance towards the use of robots in everyday life

The need for high-tech ICT solutions at an affordable price has never been greater, and at BrainBotics we want to take advantage of the new business opportunities that has presented itself, and assist in the advancement of a robotics industry in the European Union by focusing specifically on non-industrial robots.

We built the ROGAMO concept on insights that no other commercial solution covers today. The novelty of our solution lies in combining the use of new readily available low-cost robot platforms with the market pull for solutions to reduce healthcare costs due to demographic challenges. The project will lead to the world’s first commercial use of robot-based games for mobility training.

ROGAMO is a much-needed supplement for seniors to reach the recommended 30min. daily physical activity, and is a tool to raise the public sector’s level of service for seniors. When combined with physical training with occupational- or physiotherapists at for instance nursing homes and community centers, seniors can remain self-reliant longer and improve overall health, while injuries such as fall accidents are prevented.